Rules of the
International Opera Singing Competition of Marmande

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This competition organized by the Festival Lyrique en Marmandais, is open to candidates of all nationalities and its aim is to promote young operatic singers.

It consists of two categories, of which one or two may be selected :


In this category, light or comic operas and operetta are allowed if they make possible for candidates to prove their vocal skills and musical interpretation abilities.




Here are the requirements for both cotegories :

Candidates must be born after 26th August 1985 and before 23th Augus 2000. Any exceptional request for exemption will be considered by the President of the organising association, whose decision is without appeal.

A Resumé with the artistic experience and/or training curses followed by the candidate. The organising association reserves the right to accept or reject any registration form. No explanation would be given and decisions are without appeal.

A registration form with all the required documents have to be received by the competition secretary and the registration fees for the chosen category(ies) needs to be paid before the deadline mentioned in the present regulation.

Additionnal requirements for both categories :

Only candidates whom completed registration form will be accepted by the organising association (the confirmation sent by the secretary valid the registration), will be allowed to sing for the Jury.

In order to take part in the eliminatory round, singers with a valid registration have to be present the first day of the competition, 8:30 am, at the Comoedia Theatre, for welcoming the whole candidates, the Jury presentation and the photography of all contestants.

By registering for the competition candidates thoroughly agree the present regulation and all possible modifications made after they have sent their registration form and the beginning of the competition. If any disagreements, only the french version will be an authority.

A candidate who has won a first prize in one category or the great prize of this competition in previous years cannot compete in that category.

Candidates, whether prize-winners or not, may be engaged for the Marmande Nuits Lyriques in 2019 and future years, or in other productions of the association.

All the members of the Jury are likely to offer engagements to the candidates or to assist in their promotion.

The organising assocation retains the right to enter in to partnership with other competitions or operatic organizations. Those agreements may break with some points of the present rules without any possible complaints from other candidates who can’t consider such an agreement as a prejudice for their participation.

For all non-anticipated questions in the present regulation, all additions or modifications, the organising association is a supreme and without appeal decision-maker.



A registration fee (see attached registration form for the amount) is requested from the candidates for each category. Because it is constitutive of the registration form, this fee had to be paid when the candidate applies the competition. For foreigners or european candidates, the transfer must include extra charges for commission or gestion which had to be paid also by the singer. The amount received by the secretary must cover the fee for the chosen category. Fees are non-refundable and the organising association keeps the benefit even when the candidate is absent whatever the reason he is not taking part into the competition.

The completed application form (to be sent before the 1st of july 2018 final deadline) imperatively include the following :

- An artistic resumé (professionnal experiences and/or training curses)
- 2 photographs (4cm/4cm)
- A photocopy ot their identity document
- Payment of the Registration fee (or the proof of the transfer on our account)

Notification of registration will be made upon receipt of the completed forms.



Several piano accompanists will be made available by the organising association (without extra cost to the candidates). Candidates may be accompagnied by their own pianist (at their own expense). The association does not organise rehearsals with the pianists before rounds.


Candidates will not be allowed to sing the same piece twice. Each piece will have to be interpreted without a score.

Eeach singer will submit 5 arias, one of which will at least be in French, on his registration form. By the finals the candidte must have interpreted at least 1 aria in french.

Transpositions are forbidden unless they are commonly used or written by the composer.

Translation into french is allowed for Viennese operettas.

Programme mentionnee on the registration form could be exceptionaly changed up to one week before the beginning of the competition. Any modification in the programme have to be sent in writing to the secretary.


Each singer will submit 5 french melodies (songs), on his registration form.

Only 1 melody (song) is performed in the eliminatory rounds and in the semi-finals, even if it is shorter than the allotted time. In the case of very short melodies (songs for instance like Le Bestiaire by Poulenc) several melodies can be performed one after the other within the allotted time.



All rounds take place at the

Théâtre Comoedia
30 rue Léopold Faye

Order of appearance will be drop lots and will remain the same throughout the competition. Candidates must check their time of appearance so as to be present in the designated order. Each contestant is responsible for their punctuality, time management and readiness to perform. Information given and displayed by the organizing association must be strictly observed. Otherwise, an absent candidate when he has to sing for the Jury will not be able to compete and will be excluded from the competition. Only the Jury can decide to reinstate him in the competition and choose to hear the candidate when he decides.

Before each contest, candidates must present their card.

Deliberations of the Professional Jury and Young Student Jury are secret, supreme and without appeal.

Normal dress is acceptable for the eliminatory round and the semi-final. Evening dress is obligatory for the Final.

Prize-winners and finalists will receive a diploma. Upon demand, other candidates will receive a certificate of participation in the competition, giving the place reached in the contest.

A candidate should be interrupted if the aria or the song last more than the allotted time by the rules.


The competition takes place in three rounds :

Eliminatory round - Semi-Finals - Final

Eliminatory Rounds :
Performance of a piece chosen by the candidate among the programme proposed on the application form.

Maximum length per piece : 4 minutes (cuts are allowed).


Semi-Finals :
Performance of a piece chosen by the candidate among the programme proposed on the application form and not performed during the previous round.

Maximum length per piece : 6 minutes (cuts are allowed).


Finals :
Candidates have to sing 2 pieces.

The first one chosen by the candidate among the programme proposed on the application form, and which he has not yet performed.

The second one chosen by the Jury among the programme proposed by the candidate and not interpreted during the previous rounds.

If the number of candidates in the opera category exceeds ten, the Jury reserves the right to limit each candidate to one aria. In such a case the Jury will choose the aria to be sung.

Proclamation of results and Prize-giving at the end of the evening.

The jury decision in all matters concerning prizes and rewards, is final

Length of each piece : maximum 8-10 minutes.


The 2017 finalists of a category are given direct admission to the semi-finals of the same category in 2018. Contestants from other competitions, which have a partnership with the Marmande Nuits Lyriques, can have direct admission to the semi-final. All contestants with direct admission to the semi-final can, on written request, participate in the elimination rounds.

Semi-final contestants must collect their cards with their number on friday 24 august 2018, before 9.30.


COMPETITION SCHEDULE (subject to modifications)

Wenesday 22nd OF AUGUST, 2018

08.30 a.m.: Welcome of candidates.

09.30 a.m. : Presentation of the jury

10.00 a.m. : Opening Eliminatory Rounds


Thursday 23th AUGUST, 2018

10 a.m. : Continuation and completion of Eliminatory Rounds.


Friday 24th AUGUST, 2018

10 a.m. : Semi-Finals

Saturday 25th AUGUST, 2018

Final : afternoon and evening.


The competition will award a total amount of 21 500 € composed by Prizes and help to cover costs paid by finalists.

The Jury reserve the right to award or not one Prize, to change répartition between Prizes or in case of equally rank.

The young promising singer Prize can’t be accumulate with another Prize given by the professional Jury. The winner for this Prize must be between 18 and 23 years old for high voices and up to 25 years old pour low voices the day of the competition final.

Prizes are paid by check. If one winner ask to be paid by transfer, all extra charges for commission would be deducted from the amont of the prize.



With the registration and by applying the competition, candidates expressly authorize :

- pickup and diffusion of their performance, live on the web for the Internet Prize,
- pickup of their performance on every media (photographie, audio and video recording’...)
- use of their name, tessitura on every media and all process
- diffusion and présentation of photographies, recording and pickup with non commercial purpose for communication, information, promotion and archiving on all media known or unknown, including internet and for all process.

This rights transfer is given for free and for the whole word.



In case of cancellation, for every reason, including financial problems, the organizing association would not be responsable regarding the candidates and would be free from charges, damages and compensation.



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Tél. : 33 (0) 5 53 89 68 75