Rules of the
International Opera Singing Competition of Marmande

August 23th-24th-25th-26th - 2017




  • 15 DIRECTORS of Opera-houses
  • PRIZE FUND € 20 000
  • FIRST PRIZE € 4 500

This competition is open to candidates of all nationalities and its aim is to promote young singers.
It consists of two categories, of which one or more may be selected :
A. OPERA - Opéra Comique - Opérette à voix (The jury will judge the contestants on their chosen arias according to their vocal skills and musical interpretation, giving equal merit to the three types of songs, in total fairness).


  • Candidates must be born after 26th August 1984 and before 23th August 1999. Any request for exemption will be considered by the organising association.
  • The organisers reserve the right to accept or reject a candidature after taking account of the C.V. professional experience and training of a candidate.
  • A candidate who has won a first prize in one category of this competition in previous years cannot compete in that category.
  • Candidates, whether prize-winners or not, may be engaged with remuneration for the Marmande Festival Lyrique in 2018 and future years, or in other productions of the association. The list of prize-winners will be widely disseminated. All the members of the Jury are likely to offer engagements to the candidates or to assist in their promotion.
  • The organising association reserves the right to the use of photographs and audio-visual recordings made throughout the competition, without this giving the right to any recompense whatever to the participants, on every medium of communication and the internet.
  • The operatic Festival Association retains the right to enter in to partnerships with other operatic competitions

A registration fee (see attached registration form for the amount) in «Euros», non-returnable, is requested from the candidates.
Candidates must provide the following :

  • A curriculum vitae
  • 2 photographs (4cm/4cm)
  • A photocopy ot their identity document
  • Payment of the Registration fee

Application form will be registered until the 1st of July 2017. Notification of registration will be made upon receipt of the completed forms.

Several piano accompanists will be made available by the organisers (without extra cost to the candidates). Candidates may be accompagnied by their own pianist (at their own expense). The association does not organise rehearsals with the pianists of the competition. In the case of an extract of contemporary music, the candidate will provide a score for the Jury.

Candidates can present themselves in one or more categories :

  • A. OPERA

Candidates will not be allowed to sing the same piece twice.

Categories A : Each contestant will submit 5 arias, one of which will at least be in French, on their entry form.
                         Transpositions are forbidden unless they are commonly used or written by the composer;
                         Translation into french is allowed for Viennese operettas.

                         By the finals the contestants must have interpreted at least 1 aria in french

Category B :   Each candidate will submit 5 french melodies (songs) on their entry form
                        Only 1 melody (song) is performed in the elimination rounds and in the semi-finals, even if it is shorter than the allotted time.                                       

                        In the case of very short melodies (songs) (ex: Le Bestiaire by Poulenc) several melodies can be performed one after the other within the allotted time.

Each contestant is responsible for their punctuality, time management and readiness to perform. Information given and displayed by the organizers must be strictly observed.

Each piece will have to be interpreted without a score. Deliberations of the jury are secret and without appeal.

The competition takes place in three stages : Eliminating Heats, Semi-Finals, Final.

  • Before each contest, candidates must present their card.
  • Order of appearance will remain the same throughout the competition. Candidates must check their time of appearance so as to be present in the designated order. Otherwise, they run the risk of not being able to compete.
  • Normal dress is acceptable for the eliminating heats and the semi-final.
  • Evening dress is obligatory for the Final.
  • The 2016 finalists of a category are given direct admission to the semi-finals of the same category in 2017.
  • Contestants from other competitions, which have a partnership with the Marmamnde festival, can have direct admission to the semi-final.
  • All contestants with direct admission to the semi-final can, on written request, participate in the elimination rounds.
  • Semi-final contestants must collect their cards with their number on friday 25 august, before 9.30
  • Prize-winners will receive a prize and a diploma. All other finalists will eventually receive a diploma.
  • Upon demand, other candidates will receive a certificate of participation in the competition, giving the place reached in the contest.
  • The competition is organised by the Association of the Marmande Festival Lyrique. The organising association reserves the right to take any decisions it thinks necessary.
  • The registration of the candidate in the competition implies his or her full acceptance of the rules
All parts of the competition will take place in public THEATRE COMOEDIA
30 rue Léopold Faye - 47200 MARMANDE - France